Tandem Exemption Renewed

We’re pleased to inform all USPPA members that our Tandem Exemption from the FAA has been renewed. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted our petition to extend Exemption No. 9751F. The FAA has determined that the justification for the issuance of Exemption No. 9751F remains valid with respect to this exemption and is in

The new Incident Database is live!

It’s back and better than before… One of the most valuable tools of the new USPPA website will be the Incident Database. We have over 430 incident reports dating back to 2006. There is a lot of information and data we can extract from each incident to help us learn and find ways to avoid

New Membership Cards Coming Soon

We’re excited to announce that new membership cards are in the works. For the time being, we are not sending out any membership cards because we’re redesigning them. The new cards will be plastic and of high quality. They will contain a unique URL and custom QR code that will allow your membership status and

Instructor Clinic – EFD 2022

Becoming an InstructorIt’s way more than just a rating. It’s valuable tips and techniques that will help make you more effective. You will learn the best practices to help your students quickly learn, survive, and thrive in this vulnerable time of their education.Over the years a lot has been learned about what works and what

Jeff Goin Passing the Torch

by Jeff Goin   Effective Nov 3, I will be resigning as USPPA president and turning the keys over to Noah Rasheta — an extremely competent pilot, instructor, family man, and all-around great human. Once I’ve resigned, he must be approved by the remaining three officers and then takes over immediately. I will remain in

Chad Bastian will be holding an instructor’s clinic at this year’s Endless Footdrag Sep 20 – 26, 2021. Event information is here. For more information, please visit here.

USPPA members get a discount for attending Sun-N-Fun in Lakeland, FL for 2021 and beyond. To get the discount code, please send a request with your member number to [email protected] and it will be emailed to the address we have on file. The Paradigm paramotor team will be performing on two evenings in the 2021

Here is the latest USPPA exemption. It must be carried with you while doing covered tandem flights. PDF USPPA Tandem Exemption 9751F FAA-2002-12476 Expires Sept 30, 2022.

Letter to Tandem Instructors

Dear USPPA Instructor, Thank you for continued support of powered paragliding—doing work that is critical to our sport’s sustainable growth. We aim to provide you with the best possible tools. To that end, we worked to garner an exemption for tandem instruction of students. We all win when responsible, safe, knowledgeable pilots emerge from your

BIG Sale: USHPA Store Closing

We thought this may be of interest to our members: The US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is closing its online store due to various changing conditions. There are savings from 50% on up. Go here: https://ushpastore.com/

Back to Training Documents | Tandem Instructor Program Solo Ratings Program ver 2019a These are primary ratings offered by USPPA for powered paraglider pilots. Differentiation is provided for wheel launch and foot launch—only the items required for the launch skill sought must be demonstrated. For information on the Tandem Program, refer TandemProgram.PDF, and for the

Francesco DeSantis has been working with a number of different schools and is willing to step up and help write the course material that will be used for our long-approved/funded/programmed instructor recurrency program. Once in place, we will turn on the already-programmed instructor currency. Meaning that instructors will have to pass this test every period