Executive Officers & Elections

There are four elected positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Any full member is eligible for an elected office position. Terms are two calendar years.

Elections will alternate years so that the President and Vice President are elected in one year and the Secretary and Treasurer are elected in the following year. This means there could potentially be an election every year (two positions one year and two positions the next year). In the case of uncontested elections (no nominations are received), there will be no voting, and the incumbent will serve another two-year term.

Current Terms:

Elected Position Held By Current Term Start Current Term Ends
President Alexis Quintana January 1, 2024 December 31, 2025
Vice President Jon-Alan Martin January 1, 2024 December 31, 2025
Treasurer Jeremy Howe January 1, 2023 December 31, 2024
Secretary Johnson Qu January 1, 2023 December 31, 2024

Position Descriptions:

President - The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committee chairmen, sign and execute all contracts in the name of the Association when authorized to do so by the other Executive Officers, and shall have general supervision over the management of all affairs of the Association.

Vice President: The Vice President shall be vested with all powers and shall perform the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability of the President, and shall perform such duties as delegated to him by the President.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall work with the President to coordinate procedures and processes for handling the Association’s monies. The treasurer shall review financial reports and shall work with the President, in concert with appropriate committees for the planning of financial matters. The treasurer shall report financial status and activities to the membership on a periodic basis.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes for all meetings, be responsible for all meeting notices and keep historical records for the Association and shall perform such other duties as are delegated by the President that may be incident in the Secretarial office.

All the detailed information can be found in the USPPA Bylaws. Click here to read the bylaws.

This information can be found in Article V of the USPPA Bylaws.

The affairs and business of the Association shall be governed by four (4) Executive Officers (also known as directors) who will serve two-year terms and will be nominated and elected by the full members using the current election method.

At the time of nomination, election, and during his/her term in office, each officer must be a full member of the Association in good standing. Any member in good standing can nominate as many full members as he/she wishes for each scheduled vacancy. Members receiving two or more nominations will have their names placed on a ballot unless they so decline. Incumbent Executive Officers will automatically be placed on the election ballot unless they so decline. In the case of uncontested elections, there will be no voting.

All the detailed information can be found in the USPPA Bylaws. Click here to read the bylaws.

There are two ways to do it:

  1. You can fill out the nomination form online.
  2. You can send an email or mail in a letter.

You need to be a logged-in USPPA member to access the form below. If you can't see it, please log in and refresh the page.

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If you would like to be an officer, thank you for your interest. Here is how to get placed on the ballot:

1. You must be nominated by two USPPA members in good standing and submit a nomination request, in writing or by email to [email protected], or by using the nomination form below. Each nominating individual must have their name, signature, member number, and date.

The two people who nominate you should send an email ([email protected]) or letter (our mailing address) that says something like this:

“I ___________ (nominating person) do hereby nominate ______________ (your name), for the position of _______________ (President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) for the _____ (starting year) term.

2. The person being nominated needs to submit a nomination acceptance by email or letter that says something like this:

“I ______________Accept the nomination for _____________________ (office).

This must be postmarked or received at least 90 days before the office is to be vacated.

Incumbents will be added to the ballot automatically provided they indicate, prior to the nominating deadline, that they want to run.