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Wing Brand: Model: MacPara Muse 28, DHV 1 Size: Paramotor Frame: Paralite Sky Cruiser Top 80 with

Incident Details

January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

A flight was taken when others in the area were assessing conditions and opting not to fly. There were other pilots that were in the air and reporting turbulence that was moderate. Some were landing due to conditions and almost no one flew much later than I did.

This was a morning that started off with light and somewhat variable winds and was forecasted to be building to 15-20 mph winds by about 11 am. It was moderately bumpy and I had decided to land due to the strengthening conditions. The approach and setup went nominally, but when about 10 feet off of the ground I was dropped by a sudden lack of lift. I came in pretty hard and fell to my knees.

When coming in, my throttle hand went to the ground which momentarily caused an increase in the throttle. This was released as quickly as possible and the motor was killed. There was a slight bruise to my right knee, but no other personal injury. One line was wrapped around the prop which pulled the cage netting into the prop slightly by distorting the cage. The cage netting was torn from the rim at the edge in 5 locations and repaired with tie wraps. The prop had very slight chips out of the tips of both blades. The wrapped line was not damaged at all.

This is one pilot that will think very carefully before flying at a time approaching mid-day in strengthening, windy conditions again. I feel very fortunate to not have more of a story to tell.

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