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January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

The motor arrived damaged by UPS and the pilot was sent a new frame. The pilot removed the motor from its original, damaged frame and placed it on the new one. He also switched the throttle from the original left to right side.

He checked the throttle linkage for freedom of movement from idle to full and it was free moving. He then set the throttle down away from the motor. He also checked to make sure there was no fuel pooling in the air intake after priming it. He then proceeded to start it.

It fired immediately and went to full power (or nearly so). The thrust pushed him nearly over on his back as he held onto it so as to avoid getting his arm into it while working his way to the throttle. After several seconds, he got to the throttle and hit the kill switch to shut it off. Unfortunately his wife had, who had been standing behind him, ran up to help get it off him and wound up getting her hand in the prop. The prop nearly disintegrated but did extensive damage to her hand. She was rushed to the hospital where surgery was performed. The outcome is not known as to future use of the hand as of this report.

The submitter suggests that two things could have prevented this: 1. Have the kill switch in your hand but not in such a way that you could activate the throttle; 2. secure the motor to something solid or start it while positioned against a wall.

[ed note: italicized added to original report for clarification after report by manufacturer 02/01/2005]

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