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Pilot Details

Age: 0 Weight: 160 Gender: Highest rating held at the time of the incident: Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: N/A Size: Paramotor Frame: N/A with

Incident Details

January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

The pilot was starting the motor from a standing position – in front of it while reaching down and holding onto the frame (which is how the vast majority of pilots start their units). When he pulled the rope, it started and went to power unexpectedly. This caught him off guard and the motor came forward. In an attempt to stop it, his shoulder went into the cage (through the netting) and was struck by the prop which shattered. His good fortune was to have put on a beefy jacket that probably prevented severing the arm. Once relieved of the propellers thrust, he was able to control and kill the motor. The arm and shoulder were badly bruised but otherwise intact. The throttle was apparently stored in a squeezed position.

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