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Pilot Details

Age: 0 Weight: 210 Gender: Highest rating held at the time of the incident: Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: DHV 1-2 Size: Paramotor Frame: Fresh breze 122 with LOTS OF TIME ON IT with

Incident Details

January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

On take off while climbing at near full throttle and circiling another PPG at about 300 ft.,(A Silex, Guess Who?) the right webbing that holds the motor in line and carries the Caribiner to the canopy, BROKE, “the webbing has been well worn and should have been replaced 50 hours ago” the Motor and propeller plain rotated 45 degres to the left, the right riser rose several inches as the Aluminum soft J bar went straight to the canopy. At no time did the rig become dangerous or un-ruly. The pilot reduced power,analized the situation and killed the motor and landed, not a good landing but nothing broke. I was told not to worry if the Quick Release hookups ever come loose, SHE was right.

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