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Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: Mac Para Muse Size: Paramotor Frame: Sky Cruiser Black Devil with

Incident Details

January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

The wing dropped abruptly and I flew right into the ground. I hit hard and tumbled several times before landing on my back. Injuries – badly bruised ribs, possibly fractured.

Significant factors – I was flying a new motor – ” black devil ” with significantly more torque than my old RDM 100. I had 10 hours of time in the new motor, and practiced low altitude figure 8’s at high power in a big pasture at home in order to get used to the new power curve. The practice however, was with my Action wing. The crash occurred with my Muse wing. (Lower performance wing – maybe a factor , maybe not).

Since I crashed right in front of a vender tent (very embarrassing) there were many observers, of which, several claimed I flew into some rotor that was coming off of the hotel. Another pilot/witness’s assessment was that I turned too hard, too low and the high torque got the best of me.

Other significant factors – I dropped so fast that I never had time to let off the throttle. I flew full throttle, right into the ground at a 45 degree bank. I tend to agree with the other pilot. There may have been a little bit of rotor, but I don’t think it was a big factor. His description of the accident – violent, “very ugly”

The new sky cruiser frame held up much better than I would have thought at such a high impact. – One broken spoke tube, 2 bent hoop tubes (fixable), netting destroyed, wooden prop disintegrated. Also a small piece of prop went through both layers of the wing – 3″ hole.

My saving grace: Thank God the crash occurred in soft sand and not hard ground.

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