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January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

After letting a rain shower go by and clearing out a bit I went for a flight. The wind was light at launch and during the short flight a gust front came through which I felt in the air as heavy turbulence. My wing took a 40% collapse and I decided to call it quits. After landing I was kiting the wing in a now strong wind with the motor still on my back but not running.

At one point I turned to kite towards a friend (also kiting but in a harness) who I was talking to when a very strong gust came through and picked me up (him too). Since the risers were only partially twisted I could not prevent getting turned around and wound up standing back on the ground but facing forward. Before I could swing around, another gust (or probably the same one) picked me up and back. When I landed going backwards I fell back and nearly “endo’d”. The wing dragged me about 15 feet before I get turned around to control it. One of the radial arms of the motor was bent and my knee got scraped up but thankfully there was no other damage.

The weather that passed looked pretty weird but there were no big changes forecast. There were storms in the area but nothing closer than about 10 miles and those were now well downwind of us. The oncoming weather was mostly sunny and so it looked and felt like it would not be a factor. Obviously a wider berth on weird weather is in order!

The included photo is what the weather looked like about an hour before the flight. This was well downwind before getting blasted.

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