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January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

The student, under radio supervision, climbed out and then went to get into the seat. In spite of his instructors direction, he held onto both brakes which stalled the wing. He fell to the ground and sustained fatal injuries. Few details are available but, if and when they do become available, will be listed here.

ed: It is entirely possible the instructor did everything right and the student did this anyway. It should be emphasized that significant use of a simulator where the student can physically rehearse the first flight, under power, before ever launching on his first flight is an important tool. The simulator can be as simple as hanging the pilot with his motor on a tree limb and having him practice getting into the seat while under power. Other first-flight problems could potentially be averted using this easy-to-do technique. Additionally it insures that radio communications are satisfactory, the motor is adjusted properly and that the student has some feel for the seat and processes. Partially as a result of this incident, the USPPA has developed a complete syllabus that it will be distributing to its instructors at their option.

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