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Collision with Terrain/Obstruction on Ground

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Pilot Details

Age: 0
Weight: 0
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Gear Details

Wing Brand:
Model: Unknown
Paramotor Frame: Unknown with

Incident Details

January 1, 2006
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

YEEHAW, the view was awesome and the trees were in full color…it was just beautiful. After flying around for a while, I was above my field out in front of my house. I made a couple of passes and decided to land there. (mistake 1, forget about that stupid field.) The wind sock was blowing in the right direction and it looked good. Coming in for the approach I got down to about 25′ and shut the motor off. I was coming across the field rather rapidly but not coming down enough. (mistake 2 if I had to land in case of emergency, maybe big ears to flare.) I started drifting left, didn’t like it and powered up some as I looked to the left. It was getting too close for comfort; wires running down left edge of field (I have not been descending very well and was still about 20′ away (after an OH SH*T)). I pulled a good strong right (not crazy right) to miss the lines and powered up again, but missed the throttle (that part caused it mistake 3). Then I got to full power but was now I looking at a sleeper section on a trailer that was getting worked on (just the sleeper section of a 18 wheeler sitting on a small trailer). I was just starting to climb but it wasn’t enough and AND SMACK! My left leg got it all, hitting the top 1 1/2′ of the sleeper then bouncing off it and onto the ground. Ok on to the leg… fracture 1, big bone in upper leg about 5″above knee now with a titanium rod fracture 2+3 broke the 2 bones in lower leg about 8″ above the ankle big one with a titanium rod and they were sticking out, yukola (there was a 1 1/2″ piece missing from big one which they built back with superglue +baking soda or bone bondo!! or someting like that) fractured ankle now put together with screws.

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