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Wing Malfunction or Deflation

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Pilot Details

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Model: N/A
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Incident Details

January 1, 2006
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

The previous day and accident day the student had flown several successful tows and was considered a fairly “quick learner,” doing well on those flights. The radio supervised student launched unassisted for his 2nd flight of the day and his 3rd flight overall. He climbed out, got in the seat and was flying around normally in somewhat windy and gusty conditions.

After about 5 minutes he signaled that he was ready to land and the instructor began giving instructions for the landing which included killing the motor. However, he failed to follow repeated directions to turn towards the field and instead turned downwind and away. Soon after he pulled hard on a brake and went into a spin. The wing recovered but then collapsed again at about 70′ with no apparent following input or reaction to instructions. He impacted hard enough to cause fatal injuries and died later at the hospital.

ed. Incident occured about 1996. Added 06/08/2004, updated by witness 06/11/2004.

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