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January 1, 2006 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

A husband was helping his pilot wife launch by pulling her to help get the wing inflated. As he was letting go, he got his fingers in the prop and nearly severed them. The pilot flew off not knowing anything happened while friends attended to the injured pilot. He was taken to a hospital where the fingers were sewn back on.

The newspaper account (

Milam’s wife’s wing tipped slightly as she tried to depart from the sand and fly south, according to their friend John Broda. Milam tried to fix it, he said. “But he got too close to the prop, and it tore him up,” Broda said. The pinky, ring and middle fingers on Milam’s left hand were almost completely severed, he said. “It was just skin holding them on,” he added. Milam went to Flagler Hospital and was scheduled for surgery Sunday evening, according to an emergency room nurse.

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