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Pilot Details

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Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: MacPara Velvet 26 EN B/D Size: Paramotor Frame: Fresh Breeze Simonini 122 with

Incident Details

November 21, 2011 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

Motor had “line holders” on each side of the cage hoop used for wheeled flight, but this was intended to be a foot launch flight. Pilot stepped forward to feel line tension, get centered, and establish proper heading. When pilot moved back a few steps in preparation for run up and inflation, one A-line caught on the line holder halfway up the cage while the other lines dropped normally to the ground. Pilot was focused more on local traffic, being 6-8 other paragliders doing low fly-by activity at the LZ, and failed to notice one line caught in the line holder. Standing there with motor at idle and waiting for a clear LZ, one line was sucked into the prop, breaking the prop and denting the upper right cage quarter.

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