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Pilot Details

Age: Weight: 90 Gender: Highest rating held at the time of the incident: Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: Swing Arcus DHV 1 Size: Paramotor Frame: vitorazzi monster 25 hp 20 kg with

Incident Details

January 28, 2012 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

After a normal take off i had to make altitude because of a nearby building and a quite strong wind that made a lee rotor behind that building. i was on full throttle, when i noticed that the right breakline was twisted around the fixing pully one time and I could not use it. Without leaving the trottle (to gain altitude) i tried to fix the problem leaving the break and geting it from the other side of the pully. Because of the full throttle the cage was near the suspension i must have gone too near to the prop. i had a beat an my first right finger was 2 cm shorter. i tryed not to panic, because there was a lot of blood and i could not get the break. i did a 360 with the other break, but was still to far from the landing area. there where 2 noises because the right break was now cut away by the prop. i still had the accelarator in the right (bleeding) hand and could manage another 360 a little farer away now to land in the area. Landing was more falling forewards because i had just one break. I hurt one knee but just a little. i managed to stop the motor, then people around came to help me. they called the ambulance, but the local hospital was not able to performe the adaquate operation i went back to my country and was operated next day. Im back in good conditions now, and i am flying again. I learnd a lot: Always make sure that your breaklines are not twisted. Never do any manouvers like leaving your breaks on full throttle, because you are to near to the cage. i controlled that with other paramoters and learned that its possible to touch the prop with almost any product. Before i had that incident, i thougt the cage would make that impossible, but on full throttle the cage almost leans towards the suspensions and the prop is bent forward near the cagelines, in my case its 4 or 5 cm, my finger was 6 cm… On half throttle or without, the cage is far away and there no problem at all. And: always use gloves even if its hot wheather! Always happy landing!

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