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A fall to remember

PPG Type:
Type of Injury:

Pilot Details

Age: 50
Weight: 240
Highest rating held at the time of the incident:
Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand:
Model: Dudek , Universal,28, EN-B
Paramotor Frame: Nirvana , Rodeo , 60plus with

Incident Details

May 16, 2016
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

While trying to preform a Landing maneuver at Beach Blast16 , I believe I created my own demise by several factors. 1) My altitude , Too low. 2) Grabbing the wrong Steering apparatus. 3) Intimidated by the amount of spectators at the LZ. I tried to preform the landing that Jeff Goin created Titled; BB Flying Tips (Video) to help pilots in this wind direction scenario. Things didn’t work like i tried, outlined above.

Flight Window:
Wind Speed:
Phase of Flight:
Type of Injury:
Collateral Damage:
Analysis of the incident (additional input by the incident investigation team):

Photos (if available):
Video (if available):

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