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Prop strike to arm – engine went to full power

PPG Type:
Type of Injury:

Pilot Details

Age: 44
Weight: 240
Highest rating held at the time of the incident:
Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand:
Model: Macpara Eden 4
Paramotor Frame: Paramotor Renegade with Moster 185 with

Incident Details

January 22, 2013
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

Started motor on bed of truck to facilitate getting unit on back. This was normal procedure. Did a pre check on throttle and it moved freely. When motor started it went to full power. With unit on back of the truck there was no ability to hold the unit as it increased in power. In an effort to move from the unit, the prop caught the right forearm above the elbow doing extensive damage to the forearm. The spinning prop took out a huge chunck of muscle. Factors contributing to the accident: Starting engine on bed of truck where it could not be controled with full power. Cage netting allowed for flex into the spinning prop.

Flight Window:
Wind Speed:
Phase of Flight:
Type of Injury:
Collateral Damage:
Analysis of the incident (additional input by the incident investigation team):

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