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Engin out

PPG Type:
Type of Injury:

Pilot Details

Age: 60
Weight: 190
Highest rating held at the time of the incident:
Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand:
Model: MacPara Eden 4 / 28 DHV 1/2
Paramotor Frame: Fresh Breeze Simo 122, 70lbs with

Incident Details

May 15, 2013
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

About 90 seconds into flight at an altitude of 150 – 175 feet the engine abruptly stopped. At that time I had just crossed the power lines at the edge of the field was just over the beach, headed crosswind and still climbing. Landing on the beach, cross wind, was not a good option, so immediately turned 90 degrees, downwind, recrossing power lines. Once at far edge of LZ turned upwind and executed a power off landing. No damage, other than loss of perfectly good flying day. Motor stopped due to problem with stator or secondary coil. Replacement should have back in flying condition. Proof that with even a good two cycle motor, it isn’t a question of “if” it will quit, but “when”.

Flight Window:
Wind Speed:
Phase of Flight:
Type of Injury:
Collateral Damage:
Analysis of the incident (additional input by the incident investigation team):

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