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Pilot Details

Age: 45 Weight: 165 Gender: Highest rating held at the time of the incident: Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand: Model: Ozone Viper 3 20meter Size: Paramotor Frame: Miniplane abm top 80 with

Incident Details

January 26, 2016 Location of the incident: , Type of Incident:

Summary of contributing factors: 1.) Poor decision to fly based on questionable weather conditions (impatience). 2.) Semi-wet weather causing (moist/damp wing and loss of lift) 3.) Small size, higher end (advanced) paraglider. 4.) Trimmed slow (trimmed out faster or to neutral would have helped some). 5.) Turning with brake combined with releasing brake at end of turn. Weather was a low pressure system, above freezing 34F at surface forecasted for possible light snow. At take off there was small round pieces of light snow. After flying the snow that was accumulating on my goggles was melting and turning to water and had to be wiped clear a few times. After flying only 1 mile at low altitude (less than 100 feet) due to lower visibility, I decided to turn back. Upon making a slightly climbing standard rate turn 180 degrees from into the wind to down wind the wing stalled and I went parachutal. I estimate I was 120 to 180 degrees through the turn when letting up on the left brake when the wing stalled and let up on the throttle. I was at an altitude of approximately 50 feet when it stalled. I noticed the feeling of not moving forward and falling. I did not over react and pull brake. I recall letting up on brakes and getting off the throttle. Right before impact I attempted to flare even though it was happening very fast. I impacted the soft snow plowed field (snowy and muddy) while seated in my harness and only the frame of the motor impacted because of a leaned back position from the stall and or the attempted flare at the end. Upon impact I was rocked forward from the frame hitting first. Upon impact, I started tipping forward and while catching myself with my hands, I accidentally gave throttle and felt the push of the prop push me harder forward and then killed the motor. The paraglider landed squarely in front of me (the paraglider did not spin) with the lines semi slack in front of me. The impact of me hitting hard in my seat caused sharp pain in my back and abdomen and I could not breathe for a moment. After about 30 seconds I was aware that I was able to move my legs but scared to move and unable to get up due to lack if breath and sharp pain. After about 1 minute I was on my knees and caught my breath and took off my helmet, gloves and went for my phone to call for help. After another minute I was able to call my neighbor to ask for assistance. After evaluating myself and giving myself time to feel out my condition, I knew in time I’d be able to make a decision if medical attention would be needed. While help was on it’s way I was able to get up and walk but with much pain and still lacking to catch my breath. In 10 minutes I was able to assist in loading my gear to return home. At home I took 800 mg of Ibuprofen and took myself to the emergency room and they did a CT scan and found no broken bones, no out of place discs or issues with my back. Prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers. After 14 days my back pain is minor and my strength almost back to normal but the pelvis is still tender to sit.

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