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Risk of failure with Yooda Spyke frame/spar

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Paramotor Frame: Vittorazi Atom 80 with

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March 4, 2019
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Type of Incident

I just wanted to give a heads up to owners of the Yooda Spyke frame for a possible equipment malfunction, and resolution. I was soloing in Talihina, OK in December 2018 on my Vittorazi Atom 80 motor mounted on a new Yooda Spyke frame. The first time I started the motor from my back the top-most spar bent at the drill hole for the starter rope block. I bent it back, but it bent again. I knew if I repeated this, it risked breaking for good, so I left it bent. I reported this to Marco at Yooda and he re-engineered that spar to beef up the area where the hole was drilled. I just received a couple new spars in the mail free of charge. I really appreciate Yooda for addressing this in a prompt and professional way.

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