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Riser Twist at Low Altitude

PPG Type:
Type of Injury:

Pilot Details

Age: 33
Weight: 180
Highest rating held at the time of the incident:
Pilot experience level:

Gear Details

Wing Brand:
Model: Everest Thunderbolt 19m
Paramotor Frame: Air Conception Nitro – 50 lbs with

Incident Details

November 12, 2020
Location of the incident:
Type of Incident

I had launched from a regular location and was working to build altitude in order to travel on a cross-country flight. I made a turn which resulted in a considerable amount of energy built up. Instead of letting up on the power and controlling the energy after the turn, I held full power. This resulted in me being at the same altitude as my wing, by which point I had realized my mistake. I knew the next thing to happen was for me to fall down (backwards) while my wing rebuilt pressure. As that happened, the wing must have loaded asymmetrically or I pulled on one break more than the other. After the surge, my lines were twisted 180 and, as I hadn’t taken off too long before, I was low and had very little time to resolve the issue. I tried controlling the wing but unfortunately started turning and lost the little altitude that I had left and ended up on the ground. My porpoise was at maybe 70 feet and I estimate that I dropped, under canopy, from about 40 ft.

Flight Window:
Wind Speed:
Phase of Flight:
Type of Injury:
Collateral Damage:
Analysis of the incident (additional input by the incident investigation team):

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