Return to the incident list: Incident List Botched takeoff PPG Type: Wheel Launch – Single Occupant Type of Injury: Major Injury

Pilot Details

Age: 51 Weight: 275 Gender: Male Highest rating held at the time of the incident: Intermediate – PPG 2 Pilot experience level: Less than 10 hours

Gear Details

Wing Brand: Adventure Model: Flex-One Size: 32 Paramotor Frame: Adventure Pluma with Vittorazzi moster 185

Incident Details

August 20, 2022 8:15 PM Location of the incident: Fowler, Illinois Type of Incident: Prop Strike, Pilot Error

Pilot was attempting to wheel launch on my fifth flight, Pilot went full throttle, the wing didn’t come up right away.  Then the wind shifted and Pilot did not react fast enough to steer correctly or pull enough brake to save it so the wing pulled the cart over on top of Pilot breaking several parts of the hoop, net, and the prop blade.  Pilot sustained abrasions and a torn rotator cuff requiring surgical repair.

Flight Window: Evening Wind Speed: Light Wind (1-5 mph) Type: Light and Variable Phase of Flight: Takeoff Type of Injury: Major Injury Collateral Damage: None Analysis of the incident (additional input by the incident investigation team): Photos (if available):

Video (if available):
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