What is a USPPA Instructor Administrator?

The Instructor Administrator is our most important position. Administrators can issue Instructor ratings and any other rating they currently possess. This position is subject to annual review by the USPPA training committee

Instructor Administrators run clinics/training courses designed to help experienced PPG pilots to become Instructors and/or Tandem Instructors. They use the Instructor syllabus and Tandem Instructor syllabus as tools to help ensure that all USPPA instructors are teaching the same key topics and skills.

Instructor Administrators are expected to be able to take on their role without allowing personal or business interests and biases to get in the way of accomplishing the overall goals and mission of the USPPA. While administrators should screen potential instructor candidates for skills and knowledge they should never discriminate against a candidate simply based on business practices (For example, "I won't give you an instructor rating because then you'll be my competitor.")

Instructor Administrators are responsible for selecting competent Instructor Candidates who:

  • Support the mission of the USPPA
  • Are willing to work with the PPG community and share their skills and knowledge,
  • Operate first and foremost in the best interest of their students,
  • Are good ambassadors of the sport and reflect well on the USPPA.

Instructor Administrators are expected to offer at least 1 instructor clinic per year that accepts any qualified applicant regardless of brand or school relationship.

  • There should be a need for the role in your geographic area or a need for your specific skills.*¹
  • Have at least 2 years as USPPA instructor, actively teaching.
  • Have been the primary instructor*² for at least 20 students and given them their PPG 2 ratings within the last year.
  • Commit to giving at least 1 instructor clinic per year that accepts any qualified applicant regardless of brand or school relationship.
  • Be recommended by 1 USPPA instructor Administrator and 1 USPPA instructor.
  • Co-administer an instructor clinic with a current Instructor Administrator.
  • Submit an application to the USPPA training committee.
  • The USPPA training committee will review each application for final approval*³.

*¹ Is there already an Instructor Administrator in your area? Is there a current need that is not being met? For example, you hope to offer Wheel Launch Instructor training because no one else is offering that in your area. That would be an example of filling a need.

*² Primary instructor means giving at least 90% of all the instruction to each student, including their first solo flight and testing for the PPG2 rating. Up to half of this requirement can be met with other instruction of equivalent value, such as for free flight, at the discretion of a majority of the training committee.

Approval is not automatic, regardless of meeting the requirements. Read the next section "Are applications automatically approved?" to learn more

No. Approval is not automatic.

Even if a candidate meets all the requirements, there is still a possibility that the application may not receive final approval. The USPPA training committee considers several factors before issuing an Instructor Administrator rating. Criteria such as geographic location, proximity to other admins, specific skills, knowledge, qualifications, and candidate reputation are all taken into account along with other things.

Once an application has gone through the approval process, the candidate will be informed of whether or not the rating is approved. Whether approved or not, it's possible that no further explanation or reasoning will be provided by the committee.

If an application is not approved, the candidate is welcome to reapply after two years.

  1. Assess the need for an Instructor Administrator in your area. Will you be able to fill a need that is not currently met?
  2. Talk to a current Instructor Administrator to get a feel for what the role entails. If you both feel that you would be a good fit, ask if they would be willing to recommend you.
  3. Talk to a current USPPA Instructor and express your interest in becoming an Administrator. Ask if they would be willing to recommend you.
  4. Once you have 1 Instructor Administrator and 1 USPPA Instructor willing to recommend you, and you've met all the requirements listed above, you can submit an application.
  5. Applicants are required to co-administer an instructor clinic with a current Instructor Administrator. If you have not co-administered a clinic, your application will be marked as "pending" until this requirement is met.
  6. Submit an application (linked below).
  7. The training committee will review your application and a committee member may reach out with additional questions or ask for a quick interview.
  8. The training committee will evaluate your application and will reach out to you with a decision (the evaluation may take several weeks). Approval is not automatic.
  9. If the Training committee decides the applicant does not qualify they will provide a reason for the denial.

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Instructor Administrator Application

Instructor Administrator Application

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Who is the USPPA Instructor recommending you?

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Interview Questions

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Sign the Instructor Administrator Commitment Letter

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