Introductory Tandem Instructor (ITI)

The Introductory Tandem Instructor (ITI) rating is for highly qualified wheel launch pilots who want to introduce others to PPG through tandem flights but aren't interested in teaching the complete PPG 1-3 syllabus.

Introductory Tandem Instructor (ITI) is a certification that allows highly competent USPPA PPG3 Wheel Launch Pilots with excellent safety records and risk management skills to become certified to provide instructional introductory tandem flights to passengers expressing interest in learning about our sport, without the need to become a fully certified USPPA beginner instructor.

Prerequisite Requirements for ITI Candidates:

  • Must have a PPG3 (WL) rating.
  • Minimum 1-year flying experience.
  • Minimum 100 hours of flying experience
  • Minimum 50 hours in the last 12 months of flying experience
  • Excellent history of aeronautical decision-making, judgment, maturity, and risk management
  • Passion for safely introducing others to the sport
  • Passed a Fundamentals of Instruction Written Test
  • Passed ITI written test
  • Completed a ground school program given by the Administrator that covers part 103 requirements, tandem exemption legal requirements, tandem flight risk management vs solo flight, weight and balance, weather, passenger safety, and comfort.
  • Completed all items contained within the ITI syllabus to standard as determined by the supervising administrator.
  • Signs and agrees to ITI commitment letter.

I, ____________________________________ , as a USPPA Introductory Tandem Instructor and protector of the USPPA Part 103 tandem exemption, commit to the following:

  1. I will always employ the highest level of aeronautical decision making, risk management, and safety when conducting introductory tandem flights.
  2. I will only conduct tandem flights during the most benign weather conditions to ensure my student’s comfort and safety, and only ever from LZs appropriate for tandem launch and landing.
  3. I will always maintain position and altitude so in the event of a power loss I can safely land on appropriately smooth terrain.
  4. I will fully brief each student/passenger in accordance with the briefing contained herein.
  5. I will always employ an appropriately rated reserve when flying student/passengers.
  6. I will never make aggressive maneuvers when flying tandem.  Climbs and descents will be gentle and turns shall be limited to 30 degrees angle of bank.  I will never conduct any high loading maneuvers such as wingovers.
  7. I will thoroughly inspect my equipment prior to each tandem flight and conduct all maintenance at recommended intervals.
  8. I will conduct hang checks to ensure CG is appropriate for the size of the passenger I am flying.
  9. I will never fly a passenger whose weight puts at risk the CG, takeoff or climb performance of my equipment.
  10. I will never fly a passenger whose weight puts the system over or under the certification load limits of my glider.
  11. I will have my tandem glider inspected every two years, or every 100 hours, whichever comes first, and always after it incurs any damage.
  12. I will always follow the  introductory tandem flight syllabus contained herein.
  13. I will never conduct “joy rides.”
  14. I will follow all Part 103 regulations and other local ordinances that pertain.
  15. I will not fly a passenger for the purpose of anything other than an introductory tandem flight (including not conducting flights for purpose of skydiving, transport, filming, demonstration, or shooting animals).
  16. I acknowledge that with evidence indicating I have not followed the tenets of this commitment letter or any evidence of general recklessness, my Introductory Tandem Instructor rating may be immediately revoked by vote of the USPPA training committee.

No. This rating is only valid for wheel launch tandem flights.

In order to do foot launch tandem ratings, you'll need to obtain the Foot Launch Tandem Instructor rating as outlined on the USPPA ratings page.

Contact a current USPPA Instructor Administrator to inquire about this rating. Click here to view a list of USPPA Instructor Administrators.

ITI Syllabus

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