PPG 1 - Wheel Launch

Test your PPG 1 Wheel Launch knowledge with this test.

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1. As a PPG 1 (student pilot). What is the best course of action if the cart starts tipping?

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2. Aborting must include, above all else:

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3. As a PPG 1 (student pilot), what should you do if the wing is off to the left but quickly starts shooting off to the right?

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4. When launching with wheels, what is one thing you should never ever do?

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5. Which of the following statements are true regarding general control inputs (select all that apply)?

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6. As a beginner pilot, what is your most important job during launch?

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7. What is the goal of throttle control during the initial phase of launching?

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8. One of the hardest things to learn is:

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9. If the wing goes left (Select all that apply):

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10. As a student pilot, when should you start the motor?

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