PPG Tandem Instructor - Foot Launch

Test your PPG Tandem Instructor FL knowledge with this test.

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1) When landing a foot-launch tandem, what is an important thing to consider?

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2) Why is it important to do a preflight briefing with your student/passenger before flight?

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3) Launch assistance is useful, but the helpers have been seriously injured by the prop. To mitigate that risk (check all that apply)

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4) Besides good judgment, what is the most important skill you can have to ensure safe tandem flights?

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5) High wind operations on tandems (select all that apply):

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6) Foot launching in moderately strong winds: (check all that apply)

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7) What is the most important structural concern for tandem flights?

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8) Foot launched tandem is difficult because: (check all that apply)

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9) What are some other factors to take into consideration when doing a foot launch tandem? (check all that apply)

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10) Foot launching in zero wind...

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11) What is the number one (most common) cause for failing a tandem launch and possible injury?

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12) Aside from distributing the load, what is one of the benefits of using a tandem bar?

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13) What are some of the important things you can say/mention in a briefing before doing a foot launch tandem? (check all that apply)

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14) Which statements are true regarding tandem spreader bars? (select all that apply)

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