PPG Tandem Instructor - Wheel Launch

Test your PPG Tandem Instructor wheel launch knowledge with this test.

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1) Which statement is true regarding FAA inspection of your tandem rig for compliance with FAR 103?

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2) Regarding FAR 103 maximum weight, fuel, and deployable safety devices. Which statement is true?

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3) You're taxiing in a crosswind with the wing overhead: (check all that apply)

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4) What could make a tandem cart a Light Sport Aircraft instead of an exempted 2-place ultralight?

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5) If you are light on a big wing...(check all that apply)

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6) You notice that the front wheel(s) is lifting off at the same time as the back wheels. Which statement is true?

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7) Which of the following would make the cart tilt more nose-down? (check all that apply)

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8) Which statement is true regarding communications?

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9) Relative to solo cart launches, Tandems have (check all that apply)

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10) Wheeled tandems require extra care in the following ways... (check all that apply)

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11) A tandem cart must weigh less than

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12) One of the most likely ways that a student gets hurt DURING A TANDEM is

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