How to Issue a Rating

USPPA ratings serve as a tool to help members to know where they stand in terms of knowledge and skills. The saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know". These ratings are meant to help community members to learn what they need to know. Below are the basic instructions for how to offer a rating.

Follow these steps to issue a USPPA Rating


Use the Syllabus

The USPPA syllabus was developed with input from dozens of experienced instructors. All USPPA instructors should use the syllabus as the foundation for their instruction curriculum. The content in the syllabus covers the minimum skills and knowledge that a pilot should have for each rating. We recommend you print the syllabus and allow the student to keep a copy for their records.  The student and the instructor will both sign and initial each topic covered. Instructors can scan or take a photo of the syllabus to keep on file. You no longer need to submit the syllabus when you issue the rating. We just ask that you keep a copy of it for your records in case we need to verify. USPPA PPG 1-3 Syllabus

Pass the Written Test

During the training process, your student should take the written test that corresponds to the ratings they are trying to obtain. There is a specific test for each rating. You can access the tests in the menu by pointing the mouse in the many to "Resources" and then over to "Written Tests". There you will see all the tests. Your student should be logged in to their USPPA profile when they take the test. If you have a student that doesn't want to become a member, they can still take the written test but they will need to enter their email address at the start of the test. The test results do not forward automatically to the instructor. Your student will receive an email with a certificate of completion (if they pass). They can forward that to you or just show you so you can confirm that they did indeed pass the test. Click here to view the tests.

Instructor Issues the Rating

Once the student has completed the syllabus and has passed the written test. The instructor will log in to the USPPA website and under "Instructors Only" will click on "Submit a New Rating". This will open up a form where the instructor will select the student, select the rating, and enter the date and other relevant information. Then the instructor will place a checkmark to affirm each of the statements at the bottom of the form. Be sure to double-check all the information before clicking on the blue button that says "create". That will submit the rating and once it's approved by the membership administrator, it will appear on the students' profile page. Click here to add a rating.

Watch the Tutorial Video