This special election is for the position of VICE PRESIDENT for the term starting 01/01/2022 and ending 12/31/2023 (2-year term). Voting is only available from July 1st - July 15th, 2022.
0 nominations were received for President and 3 nominations were received for Vice President

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Alexis Quintana

I started my aviation career in 2013 working in Colorado at an airport in customer service and later as an accountant. During that time I started to learn to fly airplanes before learning that I could not get a medical certificate to continue training. I longed to do more in aviation and get out of my cubicle so I earned my Aircraft Dispatcher certificate and held volunteer roles with multiple organizations. I served as VP for my local Women in Aviation chapter for 4.5 years where I coordinated events, created scholarship opportunities, and helped introduce aviation to hundreds of young girls before moving away from Colorado.
In 2019 I found paramotors and immediately knew that this was a form of flight I’d love. Since beginning flying, I’ve made teaching, and working with paramotors my full-time career and earned my USPPA instructor rating in February 2022. I am passionate about perpetually learning and growing so have trained under and alongside many fantastic teachers in the industry. I love to observe and learn from other instructors, have taken multiple SIVs in both Florida and overseas in Turkey, and I am currently working on earning my tandem exemption.
The multiple schools I’ve worked with continue to benefit from my organization, recognizing opportunities for improvement, desire for efficiency, and ability to listen and communicate well with others.

The USPPA wears many hats to serve our community that all need attention. Preserving our freedoms as pilots under FAR 103, improving training aids for both students and instructors, providing more learning and entertaining resources through the magazine and website, and connecting with the community to learn what paramotor pilots across the country need and desire are all things I look forward to assisting with as the USPPA Vice President.

Jon-Alan Martin

I have loved all things aviation for as long as I can remember, growing up in Rural Idaho I was fortunate to have family friends that had small airplanes and I would beg a ride at every opportunity. I learned early on that a career in commercial or military flight was out of the question due to a depth perception issue but I never lost the love of flying. And then in 2015 I moved to central Arizona and met Mo Sheldon with Airparamo who introduced me to the wonderful world of paramotors and after spending a year hanging out at the field at every opportunity and basically following around pilots I was finally able to get a paramotor and get into the sky on my own. I continued to fly and assist Mo with training for a couple of years and I was able to obtain my instructor rating and branch out on my own. 
In 2017 my dad and I started WindPirate PPG and began training as well as manufacturing various paramotor accessories and I have been fortunate to be able to train and work with paramotors full time since then. Living in Arizona gives the unique opportunity to train and fly year round in good weather. I have been able to work with other instructors across the west coast and at the time of writing this I am in  easter Oregon doing joint classes with Oregon Paramotor.

It is my goal to help the USPPA to continue to improve the instructor support and the pilot resources that will hopefully improve the safety and quality of training across the sport. As well as working to bring more value to the pilots and members on a daily basis. I believe that  In the end the USPPA should be an organization that not only benefits schools and instructors but also new pilots and those working to become pilots in every way we can.

Ron Toran

Ten years ago, I turned 50, got divorced, and entered powered paragliding as part of a mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, my initial training didn’t give me the knowledge, skills, or confidence to fly safely on my own. After visiting instructor after instructor after instructor, I realized that while most were great pilots, few were great teachers.
After teaching second grade for 25 years, I retired and started Lone Star Paramotor to address the need for a professional flight school with high-quality instructors using the best teaching practices. Our curriculum includes course materials, classroom readings, nightly homework assignments, as well as formative and summative appraisals on topics like Federal Aviation Regulations, Air Space, Wing Design, Motor Maintenance, Weather, and Wing Detangling.
In the seven years that I have been teaching powered paragliding, I have trained over 500 paramotor pilots and instructors for Lone Star Paramotor, Austin Paramotor, and Aviator PPG. Lone Star Paramotor serves as both a flight school for pilots and an academy for instructors. Some incredible pilots and instructors like Travis Landry, Jeff Fletcher, Anthony Vella, Blake Hibbett, Chris Simmons, and Alexis Quintana have earned their wings at Lone Star Paramotor.
While all USPPA Schools have the same syllabus to follow, there is a huge difference in the lesson plans, equipment, and activities used. While one size doesn’t fit all, I think there should be more consistency between flight schools in terms of their teaching practices.

As the USPPA Vice President, I’d focus on sharing information to make better and safer schools and instructors, that will create safer and better pilots.
As a USPPA Instructor Administrator, I fully understand the training requirements and processes needed to teach pilots, instructors, and tandem instructors. My decade of contacts with pilots, instructors, school owners, USPPA Board Members, and equipment manufacturers, will help in communicating their needs, frustrations, and ideas back to the USPPA.
I’m honored to have been nominated for this position and I appreciate the opportunity to serve our unique and incredible community.

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No nominations were received for the position of PRESIDENT so no election will be held for that position. The incumbent will retain the position for this upcoming term.


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