This election is for the positions of TREASURER and SECRETARY for the term starting 01/01/2023 and ending 12/31/2024 (2-year term). Voting is open from October 15th - October 30th, 2022.
There are 3 nominees for TREASURER and 2 nominees for SECRETARY.

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3 Nominees

Jeremy Howe

Nominated for TREASURER

Jeremy has always wanted to fly and found paramotoring on YouTube in 2015. He currently works in financial reporting & analysis at a large bank. He has spent his entire professional career within corporate finance, accounting, & internal audit. He received a bachelor's degree in finance from Michigan State University (go green). He hopes to use his financial background & passion for PPG to create a positive impact & provide value for all USPPA members & our rapidly growing hobby.

Steel Gardner

Nominated for TREASURER

I plan to contribute to the incredible energy and improvements the new executives have brought to the organization, along with my financial skills. I graduated with a business degree at BYU Marriot school and currently run two companies. If elected, I'd create and distribute clear forecasts, budgets, and expense reports to ensure the responsible use of USPPA funds to maximize your membership fees' impact on the USPPA mission. If you think I'm a good fit for the Treasure position, I'd greatly appreciate your vote.

Bryan Pearson

Nominated for TREASURER

"I currently run a paramotor school in Oregon and live and breath paramotor every day. I started my journey into PPG in early 2017. Since my first flights, I've flown all around the country, recorded podcasts about PPG (The Paramotor Podcast 🤘), finished up my instructor and wheel launch ratings, made many great friends along the way, and so much more. I would love to give back to the USPPA community however I can, and treasurer is a good fit for my skill set and previous jobs before I was PPG addicted."


2 Nominees + Incumbent

Johnson Qu

Nominated for SECRETARY

Flying paramotors has given me an amazing vehicle to pour my energy into. When I first got into PPG in 2012, I was inspired by everyone between acro tricksters, racers, and scenery-chasing XC pilots. Between the places I've traveled to fly and the skills that I've learned or shared, I'm grateful we have these machines to see the world. It's been a huge honor working with wing brands, motor designers, students, and different instructors throughout the world. Even though it's been an opportunity to help build an amazing community of individuals from all walks of life, I hope to build up the USPPA. My peers know that I bring a very detail-oriented mindset to the field, and I hope I can support the USPPA's mission as their Secretary. I hope to promote and protect our sport, allowing our pilots to enjoy the sky, and ensure that we have the freedom to fly for years to come.

Jon-Alan Martin

Nominated for SECRETARY

"I have loved all things aviation for as long as I can remember, growing up in Rural Idaho. In 2017 my dad and I started WindPirate PPG and began training as well as manufacturing various paramotor accessories and I have been fortunate to be able to train and work with paramotors full time since then." My goal is to help the USPPA continue to improve the instructor support and the pilot resources that will hopefully improve the safety and quality of training across the sport. I believe the USPPA should be an organization that benefits not only schools and instructors but also new pilots and existing pilots.

Heath Woods


Heath is serving as the current Secretary and remains on the ballot as the incumbent.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you care about the organization, you should care about who forms part of the executive committee. These are the individuals that will make decisions that directly affect the direction of the organization. Your vote determines who will have the ability to make decisions on behalf of the organization. We highly encourage all USPPA members to be involved in the process of electing its executive officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Potentially every year. Elections will alternate years so that the President and Vice President are elected in one year and the Secretary and Treasurer are elected in the following year. This means there could potentially be an election every year (two positions one year and two positions the next year). In the case of uncontested elections (no nominations are received), there will be no voting, and the incumbent will serve another two-year term.

Any active USPPA member can vote. If your membership has expired, you will not be able to vote.

This current election is for the positions of TREASURER and SECRETARY for the term that will start 01/2023 and will end 12/2024.

Any member in good standing can nominate as many full members as he/she wishes for each scheduled vacancy. Members receiving two or more nominations will have their names placed on a ballot unless they so decline. Incumbent Executive Officers will automatically be placed on the election ballot unless they so decline. In the case of uncontested elections, there will be no voting.


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