Additional Resources

Hopefully, you feel a bit more confident about airspace for paramotoring. If you want to keep it simple…stick with G and E airspace and try to learn as much as you can about E. It’s likely you’ll never venture into those other airspaces. You are welcome to revisit this course at any time to get a refresher. Here are some additional resources for you:

Download/view the sectional charts

Directly from the FAA in PDF and other formats (Sectional charts are updated every 56 days)

View the sectional charts in a style similar to Google Maps using

Purchase a physical copy of the sectionals here:

Download the FAA Aeronautical Chart Users Guide:

Learn more about airspace

Links to online articles:

FAA – Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (Chapter 15)
Overview of airspace for ultralights – Lookout Mountain Flight Park
The 6 ABCs Of United States Airspace
Don’t Fly Into These 12 Areas Without Permission
5 Unusual Airspace Areas You Should Know