A.N.S.W.E.R. Method

A – Ask, explain, and connect – Encourage your students to ask questions and to engage with the learning process. After teaching a topic or demonstrating a skill, ask them to explain.

N – No cramming – Avoid cramming too much while teaching. Don’t let you students push past the effective energy required to learn. If they try too hard for too long, they will encounter a learning plateau (when they are no longer making progress). Teach your students to recognize when they are experiencing a learning plateau and encourage them to take a break or take a step back before re engaging with the learning process.

S – Switching – Don’t drill into one idea, topic or skill for too long. Teach your students to recognize when it might be beneficial for them to switch things up and/or move on to another skill/topic.

W – Words and visuals – Reading and seeing are two different types of learning. Encourage your students to read the PPG Bible and to watch videos as they learn from you. Presenting the same information in both word and visual form will help them to learn better.

E – Examples – Human memory hooks onto concrete information better than abstract information, so always look for real-life examples you can relate to.

R – Recall what you know.