The four stages of learning

Learning is the process of acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, understanding, and skills.

Learning is an active process. To learn, a student must encounter new information, pay attention to it, coordinate it with what they already know, store it in their memory, and apply it

Four stages occur during the learning process.

Unconscious Incompetence

Stage 1 – Novice

The student hasn’t mastered the skill and doesn’t know what skill needs to be learned. 
Focus on: Learning

Conscious Incompetence

Stage 2 – Beginner

The student hasn’t mastered the skill but knows what skill needs to be learned.
Focus on: Practice

Conscious Competence

Stage 3 – Proficient

The student is starting to master the skill, but it still requires much effort and attention.
Focus on: Repetition

Unconscious Competence

Stage 4 – Expert

The student has mastered the skill and can perform the skill with minimal effort.
Focus on: Maintenance