Lecture/Group/Guided Discussion

Lecture Method

“In the teaching lecture, the instructor must develop a keen perception for subtle responses from the class – facial expressions, manner of taking notes, and apparent interest or disinterest in the lesson. The successful instructor will be able to interpret the meaning of these reactions and adjust the lesson accordingly.”

Example: Instructor gives a lecture on airspace, using a slide show presentation.

Group Learning Method

“Perhaps the most significant characteristic of group learning is that it continually requires active participation of the student in the learning process.”

Example: Instructor asks the group, “Let’s look at this spot on the sectional chart. Let’s discuss what we need to know about launching/landing there.”

Guided Discussion Method

“In the guided discussion, learning is achieved through skillful use of questions. The overhead question is directed to the entire group to stimulate each group member’s thoughts and responses.”

Example: Instructor asks, “What are some important considerations to know about this specific wing?”