Minimize student frustrations

Minimize student frustrations
Create a learning environment that encourages rather than discourages learning.

  • Stay organized. Follow the syllabus and use lesson plans.
  • Motivate your students to learn by helping them understand the value of each skill they are learning.
  • Approach students as individuals, even when working with a group. “When instructors limit their thinking to the whole group without considering the individuals who make up that group, their efforts are directed at an average personality that really fits no one.” – FAA Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
  • Provide useful feedback. 
  • Be consistent. “If the same thing is acceptable one day and unacceptable the next, the student becomes confused. The instructor’s philosophy and actions must be consistent.” – FAA Aviation Instructor’s Handbook

Admit your mistakes. “Instructors earn the respect of their students by honestly acknowledging mistakes. If the instructor tries to cover up or bluff, or pretend to know it all, students are quick to sense it. Such behavior tends to destroy student confidence in the instructor.” – FAA Aviation Instructor’s Handbook

Sample Lesson Plan: